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How EnglishYaari works?

(a) 1-on-1 Live classes : we provide 25 minute calls to our learners to enhance their spoken English skills and provide personalised learning experience.

(b) Personalised tutors : learners get connected with expert tutors like you to attain fluency .

(c) Personalised lesson plan : We provide customised lesson plans to tutors as well as learners for better learning.

(d) Progress report: By the end of every session ,tutors provide constructive feedback to the learners.

(e) Recorded Sessions: All sessions are recorded for our learners so that they can revise what they have learnt in the previous session .

Who can apply to become a tutor at EnglishYaari? 

We are seeking for passionate tutors who can dedicate their teaching methodologies in their classes to help learners achieve their learning Goal.

Tutors can be educators, graduate/postgraduate College Students, or even working professionals With any language certification (like CELTA, TEFL/ TESOL) .

What qualities do you need to become a tutor at EnglishYaari ?

We are seeking dedicated individuals to join our team at EnglishYaari as tutors. Here are some qualities which can help you become a perfect fit .

(a) Exceptional Spoken English Skills

(b) Passion for teaching

(c) Open to Learning and new Experience.

(d) Ability to empathise with learner’s challenges and tailor instructions accordingly.

(e) Capability to motivate and inspire learners to communicate confidently in English .

What age group of learners should I be teaching?

At EnglishYaari , we offer spoken English courses tailored for a diverse range of learners ,including housewives,working professionals ,kids,college students ,entrepreneurs,business owners,employees,and individuals of all age groups.”

What is the procedure of becoming a tutor at EnglishYaari?

(a) Application Submission :

Start by submitting your application through our official website .

(b) Application Assessment :

Our recruitment team will review your application within 7 working days and revert via Email.

(c) Interview and Evaluation :

If your application meets our criteria , you will be invited for an interview and assessment to gauge your teaching skills (excellent Communication & conversational skills)

(a) Feedback and Training :

After successful evaluation, you will receive feedback and necessary training to align your teaching approach with our methodologies.

(a) Onboarding :

Finally, once you’ve completed the above steps ,you will officially join us as a tutor, now you are ready to empower learners with improved spoken English skills.


EnglishYaari is a dynamic language learning platform that offers a unique blend of learning and interactive practice, making it an effective tool for mastering spoken English. Our focus on fun activities foster a friendly Environment , ensuring that acquiring spoken English skills becomes an enjoyable journey for our learners.

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